Established in 1990 as one of the leading Overseas Employment Promoters having a Government of Pakistan approved valid Licence in the name of Al Karam Internatioal Room No.501, Noman Tower, Nasheman Cinema, Marston Road, Karachi, Pakistan. O.E.P.L No. 0882/KAR.


We are serving our valued clients to their entire satisfaction. Our Motto is to serve our clients speedily, efficiently, economically and according to their exact requirement. That is why, our company is known as the most reliable and dependable source of workforce supply from Pakistan.


Our company is providing manpower with all the qualities of productivity, efficiency, skill within the shortest possible time schedule without affecting the quality of workers.

We have all the administrative facilities, efficient and competent staff. We have our well-equipped office, telephone, fax and internet services within our own office premises to cater for the demands and requirements of such assignments.


The salient features of our organization are the following;

  • We have fully qualified technical cell to process the visa requirements.

  • Manpower sent by us will be active, efficient and professionally mature. We assure their reliability, workmanship and hard work.

  • The selected persons are fully briefed about their terms of employment before their departure.

  • Our mutual commitment will be in writing and we will honour our commitment in letter and spirit.

  • We will not charge the selected candidates any thing over and above the mutual agreement and we will follow this very strictly.


Mr. Anwar Ahmed

Cheif Executive












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